DallowayDay 2018

It was a warm but not overheated day yesterday for DallowayDay2018. Those of us on the Bloomsbury walk guided by Jean Moorcroft Wilson were rather relieved that it didn’t reach the sweltering temperatures of 2017’s walk. Jean’s walks are almost legendary and always popular, and her stylish taste in hats (scarlet feathers this time) made it easy to see her ahead of us.

When we got back, there was a short break, followed by a panel discussion led by Waterstones’ Mark Banting, with guest writers Farah Ahamed and Francesa Wade, about Bloomsbury squares, walking and Mrs Dalloway.

After a break, we were treated by Maggie Humm to an illustrated talk about the photographs taken by Woolf and her sister Vanessa Bell. The photo (sorry about the contrast) shows Maggie with a slide of Vanessa Bell’s camera.

Thanks to all who came and hope to see you next year!

Members can read more about DallowayDay2018 in the September issue of the Virginia Woolf Bulletin.