20th Annual General Meeting

The 20th AGM of the Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain was held at 1.15pm on Saturday 14 April 2018 in room 349, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU. Forty-one members attended (by the date of the AGM, the Society had 297 members). The following decisions were taken.

The Officers were elected:

Claire Nicholson as Chair*
Marion Dell as Vice Chair*
Lynne Newland as Secretary*
Ian Griffiths as Treasurer*
Stuart N Clarke as Membership Secretary*
Sarah Phillips as Activities Secretary*
Sarah M Hall as Publicity and Marketing Officer*
Stephen Barkway, Maggie Humm and Lindsay Martin as Executive Council members

*Ex Officio Executive Council members

Stephen Barkway, Stuart N Clarke, Mary Ellen Foley, Sarah M Hall and Lindsay Martin as Virginia Woolf Bulletin editors.


Membership for the calendar year 2019

Annual UK £18
Five-year UK £72
Annual Europe £23
Five-year Europe £92
Annual outside Europe £26
Five-year outside Europe £104
Students £10
Overseas Students £15
Life £250
Overseas Life £300