Twenty-fourth Annual General Meeting

The Twenty-fourth AGM of the Virginia Woolf Society of GB was held on Saturday 15 April 2023 at 10.30am. Thirty-one members attended. The following decisions were taken.

The Officers were elected:

Claire Nicholson as Chair*
Maggie Humm as Vice Chair*
Lynne Newland as Secretary*
Ian Griffiths as Treasurer*
Lindsay Martin as Membership Secretary*
Lindsay Martin as Activities Secretary*
Sarah M. Hall as Publicity and Marketing Officer*
Stephen Barkway, Emilia Castellucci, Marielle O’Neill and Sarah Latham Phillips as Executive Council members

*Ex officio Executive Council members

Celeste Allen, Stephen Barkway (Co-Chair), Mary Ellen Foley, Sarah M. Hall (Co-Chair) and Matthew Macer- Wright as members of the Virginia Woolf Bulletin Editorial Committee.

The financial statements for 2021 and 2022 were received and approved.


Membership fees for the calendar year 2024

Annual UK £25
Annual Europe £30
Annual Rest of World  £35

Five-year UK  £100
Five-year Europe £130
Five-year Rest of World  £150

Students UK £10
Students Rest of World £15


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Twitter: @VirginiaWoolfGB
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