Celebrating Woolf’s life

Virginia Woolf in 1927
Virginia Woolf in 1927. Harvard Theater Collection, Houghton Library, Harvard University.

Eighty years ago today (28 March 2021) the world lost a great writer in Virginia Woolf. Many of us will be mourning her loss and the way she died.

However, the VWSGB would prefer to celebrate her life and her unique talents, and the fact that she gave us:

  • ten novels
  • a biography
  • two feminist treatises
  • three dozen short stories
  • enough essays and reviews to fill six chunky volumes
  • thousands of letters
  • perhaps the most detailed diary by any writer
  • several memoirs
  • three Russian translations
  • a comic play
  • a juvenile newspaper
  • numerous photograph albums.

Enough material, that is, to keep Woolfians interested to the present day and beyond.