Virginia Woolf’s Holiday Homes in the Country

Until 1895
Talland House, Talland Road, St Ives, Cornwall TR26 2EH
The house was used for the Stephens’ family holidays until her mother’s death in 1895
This childhood holiday-home in Cornwall was very important to Virginia Woolf’s imaginative life (the setting for To the Lighthouse is ‘really’ St Ives rather than the Hebrides).

January 1911 to January 1912
Little Talland House, Firle, Sussex
January 1912 to 1 September 1919
Asham (or Asheham) House, Beddingham, Sussex

June to July 1919 (but never lived in by the Woolfs)
The Round House, Pipe Passage, Lewes, Sussex

August 1919 to 28 March 1941
Monks House, Rodmell, East Sussex BN7 3HF
When 37 Mecklenburgh Square was bombed in August 1940, this became the Woolfs’ permanent home. Virginia drowned in the nearby River Ouse on 28 March 1941; Leonard continued living in the house until his death in 1969.
The house is now owned by the National Trust and is open to the public.

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